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  • Meaghan Tomalty

4 Ways Your Brand Looks Unprofessional (& how to fix it)

Updated: Mar 3

Everyone would like to craft a luxe, premium brand that speaks to their ideal buyer profile and creates a high end experience. The problem is... most entrepreneurs, solopreneurs and small businesses don't have an unlimited budget to make that a reality. In a perfect world, you'd like to mature your brand presence so it aligns to the value you know you're delivering to your clients.

Starting a business is overwhelming enough, and budget constraints usually mean that branding and design take a back seat. In all of the DIYing, make sure your brand doesn't fall victim to one (or all) of these 4 brand experience killers.

1. No clear direction & vision

Before design is even considered, you need to be able to articulate these core fundamentals, that really become the foundation for your brand:

what is your vision & mission?

why did you start your business?

who is your target audience?

How do you uniquely solve their most burning challenges?

2. A confused color scheme Your design choices really do speak louder than words.

Color speaks to us all on subconscious levels, and before anyone even reads your content, their first impression is your design. Does it draw them in because it is captivating, or is it off-putting because your color pallet doesn't align to your message. Remember: your favorite color might not be the perfect color for your brand.

3. Disjointed font pairings

If you can’t commit to a font because you fall in love with every new lettering concept you see on Pinterest, please understand that we are all guilty of that - even designers!

Unfortunately, if you want your designs to look professional and cohesive you need to settle on some fonts and stick with them - and no more than 3. Another important consideration is contrast: be sure to choose fonts that play off of each other, for big impact and a beautiful outcome.

4. Lack of white space.

White space is simply empty space around your design elements. Designers are often challenged with conveying the benefits of white space to clients who want to say & show everything possible about their company on one page.

Remember: white space is like air for your brand and design to BREATHE. Embrace some white space around your design elements for a premium and professional look & feel.